Short Takes

Short Takes

In reponse toMargaret Berry(Short Takes, 23/12):I’m afew years older than you and I can also point to long ago heatwaves. The difference now is all of Australia often looks like a beetroot in weather forecasts. Hot air masses have ballooned, to cover the whole country, and just sit there. Bureau of Meteorology records of across-the-board jumping average temperatures confirm this. Air conditioning of the bush is what is needed.

Grame Tychsen, Rankin ParkONCE the Bathers Way is completed (“Bathers Way makes climb up Strzelecki”, Herald 26/12),is it fair that only the young, fit and healthy have any chance of enjoying this scenic experience, especially since cars have limited access?Why not have battery-powered golf buggies available for hire from the Nobbys car parkso the elderly and handicapped can also enjoywhat should be available for everyone.Surely it would be well patronised, whether council owned and operatedorprivatewith tasteful advertising, andseen as a council equal opportunity tourist attraction.I am sure volunteer labourfrom men’s shedsand similar community groupswould be only too happy to obligeand organiwe a workable maintenance program.This would be the icing on the cake .

Carl Stevenson, Dora CreekMARKFetscher (Short Take, 26/12) alleges there are “so many backward-looking people in this city”, without citingreasons. Does he mean the bizarre idea of not running the tram down he rail corridor?Many Novocastrians want change that will give the best outcome forgenuineprogress, not based on facile spin like “revitalisation”.Council CEO JeremyBathclaims (“Round house”, Herald 26/12)“the Civic Precinct [is] evolving into an education and legal precinct”. That’s been happening for decades.Think Nesca House, the Northumberland Building, The Forum andConservatorium. Before the university’s financial crisis (circa 2005), they were consideringmovingarts-based departments into the Honeysuckle heritage buildings.And the federal courts are still in Bolton Street.

Keith Parsons, NewcastleCONGRATULATIONS must go to Channel Ninefor its superb presentation of Carols by Candlelight.And who could forget the magnificent rendition of The Holy Cityby David Hobson, who closed the show.

Daphne Hughes, KahibahBRADHill (Short Takes 26/12) obviously does not understand the true meaning of Christmas. Jesus would not agree that refugees should be the last thing on one’s mind on Christmas Day.

Kathie Anthony, WaratahWHEN will the assault of women be called what it is,a crime?I hate the term “domestic violence”,which minimises the gravity ofrepeated violence against a family member.Why is family violence less important than stranger violence? Then we have the endemic sexual verbal and physical abuse of women in public places.Your article “Boy arrested as crime wave hits the beaches” (Herald 23/12) labelled this behaviour “disturbing incidents”and “anti-social behaviour”. Please call it whatit is.

JoanLambert, Adamstown