Leisure sickness, have you had it?

Leisure sickness, have you had it?

HOLIDAY BOOHOO: Getting ill on holiday may be warning you about what you’re doing the rest of the year. Picture: File photoAaaah! You’ve made it through the year to the holidays. You got through the Christmas frenzy and now you’re ready to wind down and relax.

But instead of hanging out on hot sand, or taking a quiet walkin the bush, or standing thigh-deep in a river angling for trout, you’re on the couch feeling like death.

Is it the ‘flu – at this time of year?! Was it over-indulgence over Christmas- well, possibly.

But all that matters now is thatyou feel crook.

Migraines, aching muscles, fevers, stomach-aches, colds or even suddenly becoming accident-prone – all could be symptoms of a syndromedubbed ‘leisure sickness’.

To be fair, the doctor who came up with the term, Professor Ad Vingerhoets of Netherlands’ Tilburg University, has done us a favour.

He’s answered that nagging question of, “Why do I always get sick when I’m on holiday?” Which is usually followed by, “Why didn’t I get sick while I was at work?”

Professor Ad VingerhoetsRefusing to notice little nigglesThen there’s the ‘I refuse tonoticeanything’ syndrome.

During stressful times at work, wefocuson getting the problems solved and ignore the faint signals from our bodies that something is going wrong.

Once we don’t have work to distract us, suddenly the faint whispersbecome a loud roarin our ears demanding that we let our bodiestaketime to restore health and balance.

Leisure sickness, have you had it? TweetFacebookTop tips for tip top holiday healthRELAX:Like the doctor says, learn to relax – especially DURING the year.

REGULAR:Exercise. Build regular, vigorous exercise into your routine during the year. This counteracts the effects of stress on your body, and keeps your immune system ticking over.

ROUTINE:For waking up and going to sleep.Try going to bed at the same time every night and waking up at the same time in the morning, even during your holiday. Your body appreciates routine.

RELATIONSHIPS:Keep up those relationships with family and friends and keep your social life active so you stay connected with your circles.

READY:Organise for your holidays well in advance, and wind down at work before you leave. Then your body won’t be so shocked when you switch from anadrenaline-filled, stressed peak to a period of zero appointments, deadlinesand decisions.

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