Doors that give you space

Doors that give you space

When you think of doors, you usually thinkhinged or bi-fold right? Cavity sliding doorscould help you increase usable space because the doors do not openinto living areas.

Cavity door solutions comprise of three key components, the cavity frame, the door and the track upon which the door retracts into the cavity, disappearing from view. Unlike swing doors which take up valuable floor space when opening and closing, a cavity door solution does not impede floor and wall space or obstruct furniture or fittings.

“When space is at a premium, cavity door solutions allow you to regain floor space,” says Athina Solomou, Director of Marketing – Corinthian Doors.

“With high density living becoming more apparent in our cities, designers are looking for ways to separate rooms without compromising space. Cavity door solutions are increasingly being specified in many homes and apartments where space is at a premium, areas such as the laundry, bathroom, ensuite, and pantries are taking advantage of the space gained with cavity door solutions.”

However cavity door solutions are not just for confined spaces; they are highly functional and can make a statement in a home.

“Cavity units give homeowners the advantage of separating living spaces or creating open-plan living areas. For example, using a cavity unit between rooms creates the perception of more space,” Athina said.

“From separating an open plan living space into distinct living and dining areas, shutting off an ensuite from a bedroom, or separating a study nook from the kitchen for privacy cavity units allow flexibility for homeowners.

“Cavity units are suitable for any room of the house. For wet areas, such as the laundry or bathroom, choose a cavity unit with full steel construction such as Corinthian’s Platinum Cavity unit which eliminates issues with moisture,” Athina said.

Internal doors are often overlooked as a design feature, but they can be both functional and add unique style to the home. Plus, furniture can be placed in the space that would usually be taken up by a door that swings out.

Aminimalist look can be achieved with a door design such as the Moda Collection that blends in with a wide range of interior styles, or for a standout feature, use eye-catching handles or choose a door colour, material or style in contrast to the rest of the room.

“Most of Corinthian’s internal door designs are compatible with our cavity units, providing choice and design versatility for the homeowner.

“Cavity units also allow you to play with new materials and styles, using the door as a canvas to create a statement,”Athina said.

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Functional: For those wet areas choose a cavity unit with full steel construction which eliminates problems with moisture.

Sleek: Internal doors are often overlooked as a design feature, but they can be both functional and add unique style to the home.