Coach Gerrard covets EPL job

Coach Gerrard covets EPL job

AMBITIOUS: Former Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard hopes to coach in the English Premier League. Former Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard insists the “madness” of Premier League management has not diminished his long-term goal to join the ranks of top coaches.

The 37-year-old’s fledgling coaching career has begun well, having guided the Reds’ under-18 side to the top of the table and into the knockout stages of the UEFA Youth League.

Gerrard is under no illusions as to how big the step up to top-flight management is, and six sackings this season have shown how quick clubs are to make a change when things do not work.

He has no such pressure in his current job, but knows as he moves up the ladder – and he harbours dreams of managing his boyhood club somewhere down the line – the demand to deliver consistent success becomes far greater.

“I don’t get put off by managers getting sacked. I just think my journey will be what it will be,” he said.”Right now I’m only thinking of the next 18 months to two years and getting myself as prepared as I can be for a job closer to first-team level.I want this to be the start of the journey. Nothing is putting me off or scaring me about being available for jobs in the near future.”

Gerrard would love to continue his progress through the ranks at Liverpool but accepts he may have to sever ties.

“In a year’s time I might have three opportunities and all three of them might not be here. Then it will be time to think,” he said.”I can’t sit here and say:’Oh no, I only want to work for Liverpool Football Club’.In an idealworld, everyone knows what I want, but right now it’s not worth thinking about that.”