CFA captain resigns, investigation into Eaglehawk incident continues

CFA captain resigns, investigation into Eaglehawk incident continues

The Eaglehawk CFA captain suspended after a female teenage volunteer was allegedly manhandled has resigned from the firefighting organisation.

Hayden Allen, who was one of four men suspended earlier this monthwhile an investigation into the November 25 incident took place, quit the organisation last week.

It is understood Mr Allen resigned because of concerns he had about the way CFA management handled the investigation.

News of the investigation and the men’s suspension was revealed by the CFA on December 6.

Hayden Allen

CCTV footage from inside the Eaglehawk station showed the men pulling the hair of the 17-year-old girl, pushing her to the ground, feigning to kick her and rolling her under a truck to wet her with the its sprinkler system.

Several other bystanders watched the incident take place but did not intervene.

It is believed none of the other three suspended volunteers have quit the CFA at this time.

First LieutenantDuncan Murley will now take on the role of captain.

Police who investigated the incident laid no charges, saying the young woman did not want to pursue the matter.

Still, CFAchief officer Steve Warrington said the behaviour of those who made contact with the girl, as well as those who watched on, was unacceptable.

“People, this stuff belongs in the past, full stop,” he said in a video message earlier this month.

“We can’t tolerate this behaviour in CFA anymore.”

A CFA spokesman today said the investigation was still underway and that it would be inappropriate to comment at this time.

Mr Allen was also contacted but declined to comment.

The allegations against the suspended men renewed calls from political leaders for the release of aVictorian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission report on theculture of the state’s fire services.

Previously subject to a court challenge from the United Firefighters’ Union, the report is now set for release next month after VHREOC was deemed to have both the power and appropriate methodology to studyequity and diversity in the CFA and MFB.

“[The]decision means that the stories, experiences and insights from men and women across the CFA and MFB will be heard, and will help set the agencies on a meaningful path of cultural reform,” commissioner Kristen Hilton said after the court handed down its decision.

“We will publish the full report in January 2018,” Ms Hilton said.

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